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Buying a Home

Buyer Representation

Buyer’s Representation is an Executive Service for the out of town buyer or buyers who prefer online buying.

Already working with a Seller? – we can help you manage the process. Relax.

Want to make your home look amazing – try Staging it – permanently. Contact Set the Stage interior decorators.Keeping the Buyer’s personal needs and real estate goals front and center. 

We offer to all buyers our good, honest brokerage as your transaction facilitator.

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First Step: Groundwork

● Get pre-approved for a mortgage or organize your finances for cash payments

● Establish the right price range for your budget.

● We can advise you on how, where and what to do for your mortgage needs

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Get Set!

Second Step:

Review, review, review. Location, location, location.

● We’ll talk through your lifestyle needs, location, type of housing – condominium; multi-family; single-family.



Third Step:

Let’s get out there and shop!

● We’ll set up appointments, review properties, provide their history, comparables, etc.

● You’ll know the whole story before you buy, that’s what we do!

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Finish Line!

Fourth Step:

Get ready to sign that contract; do inspections, and prepare for closing.

● The process is involved and time-sensitive.

● We’ll be there to negotiate the best deal for you, keep things on track, and prepare for the closing.

Bingo! Take Possession

The best part – we’ll assist you with anything you need to know about movers, utilities, painters, etc.

Don’t forget to switch your mailing address, insurances, utilities, registrations, etc.

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