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Proper maintenance of an investment property is crucial to getting and keeping quality tenants.

Maintaining good report with Tenants for the good of the property is plain good business. A contented Tenant, in a well-run and maintained rental, is essential to the income stream of the invested Landlord.

A property on the sales market requires cooperation from Tenants. Maintaining a considerate relationship with the Tenant during this time is essential.

Not Property Management, HomePort Real Estate LLC offers a variety of services that adjust to your special Real Estate needs.

We are not attorneys and do not perform any legal or other professional services for which we are not licensed or qualified.

You choose the services you need, as they are not bundled as in traditional property management.

Each service is individually priced, so you get exactly what you need and not what you have to take, “because that’s the way we do it” as at other companies.

Services offered include one-time or on-going services:

● Property maintenance

● Reporting work status during construction

● Reviewing and consulting on improvements to property in preparation for listing for sales or rentals


Ongoing Tenant Liasion

Making Newport Easy

Many professionals need to travel leaving homes unattended during cold winter seasons.

We offer services to help with household issues during these times.

Don’t feel like speaking with your landlord on solving a problem? – we offer Tenant Liaison Services.

Winterizing the property. Yard work in summer. Snow removal in the winter. 

These services are available to both Landlord or Tenant.

A strict no conflict of interest policy is maintained.Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

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