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Core Services

Property Concierge

Not Property Management - these are specialized services offered by The HomePort Team, adjusted to your needs. The services are not bundled, as in traditional property management. Each service is individually priced - so you get exactly what you need only. And not what you have to take - “because that’s the way we do it”, like other companies do.

Each service is available on a one-time or on-going basis:

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Concierge for Landlords and Tenants

One-Time or Ongoing

An investment property’s maintenance is crucial for it’s longevity and a good income stream.

A well-maintained property is a natural selection for a Tenant.

Reviewing and consulting with Landlords on improvements to property in preparation for listing for rental

Reporting on status of renovations to Landlord's Tenant and Landlord are business partners for the term of the lease

A good rapport between Tenants and Landlords is just plain good old business sense.

Tenant check-in/out services

Tenants who are frequently on travel may find our property oversite services convenient

Out-of-town Landlord services include monthly drive-by’s / photo reports.


Concierge for Buyers and Sellers

One-Time or Ongoing

A property on the sales market requires cooperation from Tenants.

Maintaining a considerate relationship with the Tenant during this time is essential.

With showings, inspections, service-providers, etc. this service is offered as a way to ease the tensions of Tenants.

If selling or buying without a Realtor’s involvement, keeping on track with the Sales contract’s details, needs vigilance.

Reviewing and consulting on improvements to property in preparation for listing for sale saves time and money

For out-of-towners, reports on the work status during renovations keeps order and timeliness.

We are not attorneys and do not perform any legal or other professional services for which we are not licensed or qualified. We have a qualified list of professional service providers to whom we refer all work outside our professional scope.

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